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Teaching Methods and Types of Personality: Introvert

Introverts are people who prefer individual work to group work. They are usually strong personalities who know what they want to achieve in life. What they need is a consistent approach and a teacher’s adaptability to the student’s (perhaps) extraordinary ideas. Introverts live in their own worlds which are often closed sanctuaries with a difficult access. A teacher should not interfere with the very world. Rather, s/he should apply varrious methods to make the student go out. 

Here are some methods suitable for an introvert:

  1. Try to make your lessons be compatible with a student’s individualism: be open to his/her suggestions, adapt to his/her needs, and do not interfere with his/her own world. 

   2. Emphasise the importance of an individual work: let your student work on his/her own, pay attention to his/her innovative ideas.

   3. Teach grammar and vocabulary by means of problem-solving tasks. Let your student to come up with some new solutions and original applications of the rules given. 

  4. Engage your student in project and presentations: let your student show his/her original ideas to others.  

   5. Let your introvert students be different and develop their own interests.

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