środa, 11 czerwca 2014

Teaching Methods and Types of Personality: Introvert

Introverts are people who prefer individual work to group work. They are usually strong personalities who know what they want to achieve in life. What they need is a consistent approach and a teacher’s adaptability to the student’s (perhaps) extraordinary ideas. Introverts live in their own worlds which are often closed sanctuaries with a difficult access. A teacher should not interfere with the very world. Rather, s/he should apply varrious methods to make the student go out. 

wtorek, 3 czerwca 2014

Teaching Methods and Types of Personality: Extrovert

Extroverts need company in order to develop. They have to be surrounded by people. They are the most effective while making new friends, talking with different personalities and mixing with others. Their sociability requires dynamism. Extroverts are, herefore dynamic people who enjoy the atmosphere of liveliness, movement and spontaneous exchange of thoughts. 
Here are some methods suitable for an extrovert:

  1.  Be a companion. You should be the one with whom your student would have the opportunity both to talk in a foreign language and discuss his/her learning proces. You are to be there, to create a motivating surrounding and to arrange meetings with other learners. 

  2.  Organise English camps with other learners and teachers. This will help your extrovert student to open up and learn English while getting to know new people at the same time. 

  3.  Teach by means of interractive games and group work. Make your students make various projects and presentations. 

  4.  Think of some extraordinary tasks involving socialising such as: making a short film, an interview or a videoclip, creating a business plan with other learners. 

  5.  Teach grammar and vocabulary by means of dialogues and scenes.