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Teaching Methods and Types of Personality: Logical Thinker

How to organise a language lesson that would match the personality of a logical thinker? What methods will be appreciated by an analythical mind? For sure, a teacher should pay attention to the appropriate choice of topics. Thinkers won’t probably be interested in topics about relationships, emotions or social problems. Rather, they would prefer to engage in lively discussions on how to run a successful business, how to invest money wisely or how to decrease taxes. They would be keen on translating some mathematical formulas into English or writing a business report. Thinkers are interested in mathematics and science, so why don’t you make them count or deliver some mathematical arguments in English? Why don’t you ask them to create a business plan or negotiate the price of a product?

Here are some methods suitable for a logical thinker:

  1.  Choose an appropriate topic (on science, economics, maths, technology, IT, business).

  2. Give concrete tasks which are logically related to each other (e.g. writing a business plan, then advertising one’s company on the market, creating a company’s profile and negotiating the prices). 

  3. Introduce grammar by means of the inductive method (let your students to think about grammar rules by themselves).

  4. Teach vocabulary by means of comparison (e.g. show them three or more words that mean the same but are used in different contexts: to track, to follow, and to investigate).

  5. Give them problem-solving tasks, make them work in pairs or groups and enable them to learn through collecting arguments, making up solutions and presenting their outcomes.

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